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The Finnish Committee set up strategy to strengthen gambling monopoly

finland gamesThe Finland Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy has outlined new measures to help strengthen the country’s gambling monopoly.

Under the new measures, the Cabinet Committee is to set up a digital monitoring group in order to analyse ways of preventing operations that violate the Finnish Lotteries Act.

As part of this strategy, the Cabinet Committee examined the possibility of tackling illegal marketing through the criteria set of for radio and television licenses, which are granted by the government.

The Committee said that at this stage, financial transfers will not be proposed as a primary instrument and alternative means will be assess in cooperation with gambling operators and authorities.

Proposals for the prevention of illegal gambling activities in the country are expected to be prepared by the end of 2014.

The Committee said that the policies are based on the European Commission's decision to not take action in regards to the legality of Finland’s gambling monopoly.

In November 2013, the Commission closed infringement proceedings against Finland over concerns of the cross-border provision and marketing of sports betting services.

As a result, the Finnish Lotteries Act was amended twice and a statutory gambling market was established.

The Commission ruled that the revised law corresponds to the requirements set for a gambling monopoly in an EU member state.

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