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The merger between Gambling Commission and National Lottery is achieved

UK state lottery the National Lottery Commission and the Gambling Commission regulatory body for Great Britain have completed a merger following confirmation of Parliamentary approval.

Effective from today (October 1), the merged body, which will be known as the Gambling Commission, will licence and regulate all commercial gambling and National Lottery in Great Britain – except for spread betting, which remains the responsibility of the Financial Conduct Authority.

The National Lottery Commission will be dissolved under the terms of the merger agreement.

Despite the merger, no change has been made to the legislation that governs how commercial gambling and the National Lottery are regulated.

“As we bring National Lottery regulation under the umbrella of the Gambling Commission we will be better placed to carry out our role by combining the expertise of both organisations, as well as building on the National Lottery Commission’s successful record in maximising returns to good causes,” chair of the Gambling Commission Philip Graf said.

Dr Anne Wright, who served as chair of the National Lottery Commission up to the merger, added: “I am confident the Gambling Commission will continue to protect both the interests of Lottery players and the integrity of the National Lottery, as well as maximising the billions of pounds raised for good causes across the UK.”