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Gambling Commission : House of Lords against financial transactions blocking

lords houseThe House of Lords has rejected an amendment to the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Bill that would have allowed the Gambling Commission to block financial transactions between UK citizens and unlicensed online gambling websites.

Members of the House voted 171 for and 185 against the amendment, meaning that the bill will remain unchanged.

Peers also considered rules around the advertising of remote gambling, particularly where it is likely to be seen by children and whether the horse betting levy should be extended to bookmakers overseas.

A third reading, which will be the final chance to amend the bill, is due to take place on March 18.

The bill first came to light when it was granted a first reading in the House of Commons in May 2013 before being given a second reading in November 2013. It was also the subject of two debates in the House of Commons later that month.

A third reading in November 2013 meant it was passed on to the House of Lords for a first reading.

The House of Lords then took it to a second reading in December 2013 before deciding to push the bill forward to the committee stage.

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