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New ad campaign for Paddy Power

paddy power bookmakerIrish bookmaker Paddy Power has launched a new advertising campaign for what it claims is the world’s first ‘fully personalised’ sportsbetting app.

According to the Marketing Week website, the bookmaker has launched the app as part of a wider plan to boost digital revenue through enhanced mobile gaming products.

The new messenger app allows users to select the sports they wish to receive news and updates from in order to place the bets they want.

The app boasts features such as live text commentary on football matches, account balance updates, live odds information and the option to withdraw cash.

In addition, the app will also push Paddy Power in relation to each sport.

To help promote the campaign, IF Agency has created a nationwide campaign that will be rolled out across newspaper, outdoor and online.

Focusing on how the app allows players to stay ahead of other gamblers, the adverts aim to encourage both new and existing Paddy Power customers to download the app by highlighting the speed in which players can place bets.

Paddy Power also said it is planning to launch a number of new in-house developed mobile products in the coming months as part of the wider strategy to improve digital revenue.

Meanwhile, the bookmaker has also confirmed that it has withdrawn its sponsorship of US basketball player Dennis Rodman’s visits to North Korea.

Paddy Power had received criticism from human rights groups for its support of Rodman’s plans to hold an exhibition basketball game in North Korea in January.

Rodman plans to bring 11 other former NBA players to the country’s capital of Pyongyang on January 8 to celebrate the birthday of leader Kim Jong-un.

Rodman arrived in the country last Thursday, just a week after the high profile execution of Kim’s uncle. The former NBA player is reported to have left North Korea without meeting with Kim.

“Given changed circumstances, Paddy Power has decided to withdraw its association with the Dennis Rodman basketball initiative in North Korea,” Paddy Power confirmed in a statement.

Darren Price, Rodman’s agent, said the game would still go ahead despite recent events.

“Dennis is very appreciative of Paddy Power's support up to this point for this historic game of basketball diplomacy taking place on Jan,” Price said.

“He looks forward to announcing later this week the 11 former players accompanying him on the trip next month.”