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Bond University made Australian gamers’ profile

australian playersPlaying video games is now a favourite pastime for Australian of all ages, according to a study by Queensland-based Bond University.

The education establishment’s “Digital Australia 2014” report revealed that although gaming was previously an exclusive market for under-25s, the video gaming market has now become a sector regularly accessed and enjoyed by the entire family.

The results showed nine in 10 Australia households own at least one interactive gaming device, while 86% of parents said that they play video games with their children.

The popularity of gaming with the older generation has also grown, with the 40 to 60-year-old age group representing the largest group of new gamers in the past two years. Those aged over 50 account for 20% of the national gaming population.

This growth in the older generation taking up gaming is also represented by the stat that 76% of Australia gamers are over 18, with the average gamer now 32 years old, just short of the Australian average age of 37.

The study also discovered older Australians tend not to play for fun, with those aged over 51 saying they play games in order to keep their minds active. Gamers aged between 16 and 25 play for thrills and to relieve boredom.

In addition, Australians are accessing interactive games via their smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The number of those playing games on a tablet device doubled to 26% in the last two years, while nearly half of Australians play games on a smartphone. However, game consoles are still the medium of choice with 63% of households in the country owning such a device.

“The first generation of Australian gamers are all grown up and playing video games not only for their own leisure, but as a way to connect with their children and their own parents,” chief executive officer of the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association, Ron Curry, said.

“Whether we’re ‘snacking’ on a mobile game or enjoying the immersive experience of playing on a console, it’s clear that playing video games has truly become as mainstream as playing sports or watching TV.”