Gambling – news – casino games migrates to a new gaming platform

bingoA little over a month after announcing plans to enter the social bingo market with its Trophy Bingo offering, Limited has revealed that it has successfully migrated its domain onto a new gaming platform. declared that it partnered with Malta-based online gambling operator Unibet Group for the switch, which should allow it to better adapt its games for use with mobile and tablet devices.

“The technology behind is state-of-the-art,” said Jason Williams, Chief Executive Officer for

“We have been working in partnership with Unibet for a considerable time to bring onto this new platform, which will allow access to a much wider range of games in the casino portfolio, enable advanced player targeting with bonuses and many other new features.

“However, the most critical advantage that gains from this migration is that we're now on the platform required for us to offer mobile and tablet gaming to our customers. While this portion of our offering is not yet enabled, and Unibet will be working together to take's games to mobile and tablet devices as quickly as possible.”