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Big marketing campaign for Camelot’s new Lotto game

loto camelotNational Lottery operator Camelot is to activate the biggest marketing campaign for the Lotto UK state lottery since its launch in 1994 as it prepares to double the price of a ticket and alter its gaming proposition.

According to Marketing Week magazine, the campaign will carry the theme of ‘a new dawn’ and focus on how money raised from the lottery helps causes across the UK, as well as the prizes on offer.

It will feature television advertisement slots – the first of these being a 20-second ‘teaser’ trailer that began airing on September 26, and will run until the launch of the new Lotto game on October 5.

The new Lotto set-up will include a new raffle game with 1,000 winners each week and jackpot prizes of £10 million ($15.9 million/€11.9 million). A rise in ticket price from £1 to £2 will accompany the new set-up.

“This is a crucially important moment for Camelot. Effectively it’s a new brand strategy,” Camelot’s marketing director, Sally Cowdry, said.

“The campaign has a dual-purpose of showing how we are a life-changing company that both creates winners and invest in the culture and sports of the nation.

“It’s been a tricky brief and we’ve never tried to put the winning/investing messages together beforehand.”

Cowdry also said the need to refresh the brand’s message also prompted her to introduce a number of “media firsts” for the new campaign – features such as a first cascade double-page spread advertisement in the UK’s top-selling daily national newspaper, The Sun.

The campaign will also feature digital elements, such as encouraging players to upload their own versions of the campaign’s theme song to Camelot’s channel on video-sharing website YouTube.