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A betting ban within the football world is soon to come

ban football bettingGreg Dyke, chairman of the English Football Association (FA), has said that a complete ban on players and club staff betting on the outcome of football matches could soon be introduced.

Speaking to the BBC, Dyke said that while a final decision is yet to be made, the regulatory body is considering a complete ban on such betting activities.

“No final decision has been made, but it [a complete ban] is one of the things that is being discussed,” Dyke said.

“The FA is looking again at the whole of betting and who should be allowed to bet on football in the football industry. In the next few weeks, we'll come out with a policy.”

Richard Scudamore, chief executive of the English Premier League (EPL) top division, has also called for a complete betting ban for both players and managers, as reported by iGaming Business in December 2013.

A full ban is already in place in Scotland and, although employees at English clubs are able to gamble on football matches, certain restrictions are in place.

Dyke’s comments come after Dan Gosling, who plays for EPL side Newcastle United, admitted an FA misconduct charge in relation to betting rules.

The regulatory body said the charges concern “multiple” breaches” and Gosling has requested a personal hearing in order to answer his case.

The FA said the breaches do not relate to matches that involved Newcastle or Blackpool, the latter of which is a second-tier Championship side that Gosling has been on loan at this season.

Gosling’s breach of betting rules relates to Rule E8 (b) of the FA’s regulations, which states that a player “shall not bet, either directly or indirectly” on matches involving themselves, their team or a competition they play in or have played in.

Players are also prohibited from betting in “any other matter concerning or related to any club participating in any league competition that the participant is participating in or has participated in during that season”.

Gosling is not the only high-profile player to have admitted to breaching the rules in recent times.

Andros Townsend, an England international who plays for EPL side Tottenham Hostpur, was fined £18,000 last June and banned for four months, of which three were suspended, for breaching betting regulations.

Cameron Jerome, who plays for EPL club Crystal Palace, was also handed a £50,000 fine in August for the same offence during his time at fellow top-tier team Stoke City.

Graham Bean, who previously served as the FA’s compliance officer, represents people involved in disciplinary matters and said that although complete ban would help clear up uncertainty over betting rules, it is likely that the problem will remain.

“The rules are so ridiculously incompetent,” Bean said. “The fact that there are all these various connotations that allow you to bet brings complexity to what should be a very simple issue.

“Clearly a complete blanket ban on betting would be a start. The reality of it is that you're never, ever going to be able to stop it.”