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Betfred makes early payout

UK bookmaker Betfred has confirmed it is to pay out early on Australia winning the Ashes Test cricket series against England, despite there being three matches left to play.

Host country Australia has won the first two Tests and currently leads England 2-0 in the five-match rubber.

The third Test began today, with Australia reaching 326-6 at the close after opting to bat first.

Fred Done, Betfred's owner said he does not believe England can win and has declared the series over.

“I'm afraid I can't see a way back for England that's why the Aussie backers can go and get their dough in time for Christmas,” Done said.

“England seems to be lacking confidence and history says there is no way back in this series."

Done became the first ever bookmaker to pay out early in March 1998 when he paid out on Manchester United winning the English Premier League title, only for Arsenal to win the league.

He also paid out early on Manchester United to win the Premier League in 2012 before Manchester City dramatically took the title on the last day of the season.