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Betfair : New ad campagn for Cash Out

betfair cash outUK bookmaker Betfair is to launch a sportsbook-led advertising campaign for Cash Out, a new product that allows punters to cash out before a result comes in.

The Betfair service enables customers to cash out of their single and multiple bets when in a winning position, without having to wait until the particular sporting event has finished.

The new Cash Out promotional campaign was planned and brought by Arena, and created by WCRS. It will include prominent television advertising, in addition to digital investment across the Perform Media digital service, The Guardian and Telegraph newspapers, as well as social network Facebook.

Focusing on Betfair’s mobile technology, the television advert shows a man engrossed in a football match, deciding to cash out of his bet early on his mobile device and take smaller winnings, or risk waiting for a bigger payout at the end of the game.

Mark Ody, Betfair brand director, said: “This is a flagship launch for Betfair at a key time in the sporting calendar. Betfair will continue to innovate around live sports throughout the season and the marketing and communications potential around this is very exciting”.