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Betfair launches a new campaign on Sky Sports

Betting exchange, casino and sportsbook operator Betfair has launched what it described as a ‘dynamic’ television advertising campaign as part of a wider tie-up with Sky Sports, a division of UK pay-television broadcaster BSkyB.

According to SportBusiness, the new campaign will be based around live tier ‘A’ football matches that are screened on Sky Sports and will feature Betfair’s ‘Cash Out’ system.

Cash Out will run in conjunction with real-time messaging adverts on video-sharing website YouTube, which will relay dynamic odds that relate to live matches every 10 to 15 seconds.

The campaign will promote the exact figures customers can ‘Cash Out’ at any given time, while digital banner advertising will also be featured on Talksport.

“The new TV creative allows us to communicate real-time and reactive messaging based on the outcome of the match, further enhancing the excitement around live sport,” Betfair's brand director, Mark Ody, said.

“We are delighted with the introduction of dynamic messaging into our YouTube adverts. This is a key development within the channel, marking us out as a brand constantly pushing the boundaries of digital marketing.”