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Australian body worried about bookmaking televised ads

bet australia tvIn Australia, the Gambling Reform Joint Select Committee has issued a report urging the federal government to review an exemption that permits bookmakers to advertise their odds during televised sporting events at times when children may be watching.

According to a report from The Australian newspaper, the body recommended that the government institute an examination of the industry’s current self-regulation in this area with a view to repairing any loopholes.

The Gambling Reform Joint Select Committee additionally called on legislators to review the promotion of live odds inside venues encompassing the display of special offers on team uniforms in addition to looking into the way merchandise featuring bookmaker logos is marketed to youngsters.

Other recommendations included the commissioning of additional research into the long-term effects of sports gambling advertisements on children and for the Council of Australian Governments to work towards instituting a nationally consistent set of regulations covering ‘gambling messages’.

However, Andrew Wilkie, Chairman for the Gambling Reform Joint Select Committee, joined with Senators Richard Di Natale and John Madigan in calling for the recommendations to go further including the institution of a total ban on live odds being shown at venues during matches. The trio also called on the government to prohibit the promotion of gambling services during editorial portions of sports-related television and radio shows.