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North Dakota approved 123gaming’s proposition

The North Dakota Racing Commission has approved a proposal for gaming group 123gaming’s horseracing wager pool 123racing to be hosted by a licensed operator in the US state.

The 123racing technology has been developed as part of a pari-mutuel wager offering by 123gaming in conjunction with pool and sportsbetting operator Sportech.

The technology introduces an innovative wager system similar to the traditional Pick-6. It has been designed to provide new interactive content for handicappers, stimulate handle for operators and enable 123racing wagers to be placed at participating racetracks, OTBs and online portals.

The 123racing pools are hosted centrally by 123gaming, which passes on the equivalent of the host fee from guest wagering revenues to the racetrack supplying racing content for the pool.

The firm is to showcase the pools using a licence as well as technology and services from Sportech subsidiary eBet Technologies on a tailor-made website.

The 123raing wager pools, which has also been approved in Pennsylvania, can be hosted to cover horseracing at any US or international racetrack.

“North Dakota provides highly regulated licensure for multi-jurisdiction online ADW (Advance Deposit Wagering) companies, and we are supportive of Sportech and 123gaming bringing product innovation to the horse racing industry both nationally and internationally,” North Dakota Racing Commission director Gunner LaCour said.

“It is our hope that 123gaming’s contest wager type will further support live horseracing as an entertainment destination and social experience.”