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Another slot launch for World Match

Only a few days after premiering its Fire Rescue game, online gaming software developer World Match Limited has further expanded its portfolio with the release of the high-definition Sugar Rush multi-line slot.

Malta-based World Match has also launched the new Space Monsters and Insect World slots this month while April saw it premiere three titles in the B-Boys Street and Farm Adventures titles alongside the Golden Flash table game.

“Sugar Rush recreates a fantasy world full of every delight a glutton could desire; chocolates, cup cakes, candy, lollipops and candied fruits await players for a new adventure in the paradise of sugar,” read a statement from World Match.

“A beautiful girl, the guardian of this magical world, will guide you in a truly delicious game experience.”

Sugar Rush also features the ‘controls toolbar’ from World Match, which provides players with more information, in addition to popular attractions such as free spins, wilds, auto-play, fast-play and spin stop.

“World Match rewards players with the most interactive game experience thanks to the connection of this slot with the most popular social networks [including] Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn that allow sharing [of] the best moments of the game without stopping play,” read the statement from World Match.