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Amazon will launch console on Android

amazon androidOnline retail giant Amazon is reported to be preparing to launch its own Android-based console – a product that will feature the company’s own app store, which is already in use on the Kindle Fire tablet.

The website said that the console, likely to be released by the end of next year, would allow users to access the app store and download a different paid app for free every day. The console is also set to have its own controller.

Although Amazon has so far refused to comment, the company has displayed an apparent interest in the gaming market recently.

Earlier this year, Amazon launched a digital distribution platform for independent titles on both PC and Mac – an initiative designed not just to sell games, but also to help them reach a wider audience through the use of an “indie spotlight” feature on the website.

Online giant Google has also been rumoured to be developing a similar console, with reports suggesting the firm’s plans were to rival an expected console release from Apple as part of its next Apple TV product.

Any new product would rival other Android consoles already on the market, including the Kickstarter-funded Ouya and Nvidia Shield.