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5050Sports has launched on BetVictor platform

Online casino game 5050Sports, which incorporates officially licensed archive video clips, has launched on the BetVictor platform.

5050Sports gives players a straight ‘yes or no’ choice as to whether an incident will occur; for example ‘Does the player score the penalty?’ or ‘Will it be a boundary?’

Once the selection has been made, a short video clip is shown relating to the question and the bet outcome is determined within five seconds. 5050Sports uniquely incorporates classic highlights from international football, world championship boxing, world cricket, tennis, darts, snooker, greyhounds and motorsport.

Fixed stakes start at £1 and go up to £100, while high rollers can play in the VIP edition at up to £1,000 a time.

The service has been launched in different versions, being fronted by retired sports stars Michael Owen, Michael Vaughan and Ricky Hatton and darts star Simon Whitlock.